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Custom Counter Tops will seal your new countertops with a state of the art penetrating sealer
developed by STT (
surface treatment technologies).You may never have to seal your tops again!
In the case that you do need to seal them we can provide you with more sealer or we will be glad
to do it for you.
Here is a good test to see if you need to reseal your tops:
 - Put a small puddle of water on your top.
 - Leave it for 20 minutes.
 - Wipe it off.
 - If the puddle of water did not leave a dark spot that means your tops do not need resealing.
 - If the puddle of water did leave a dark spot you should reseal your tops.
You will find that cleaning your countertops is easily accomplished with mild soap (dish soap)
and water.
There is no need to get aggressive with harsh chemical cleaners, as they tend to
break down the sealer
we have applied to your tops.
Although sealing your tops as frequently as once a year is not necessary, it would not harm
them to do so. Once every 3 to 5 years would probably be sufficient in most cases.
We offer a lifetime sealer for customers who never want to deal with sealing your tops again.
If you choose this lifetime treatment, we would schedule returning to your home 24 hours after
installation of your tops to
finish the third and last application of the lifetime sealer.
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