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At Custom Counter Tops the quality, precision, and finish of the seams in your granite tops is a high priority.
We will avoid seams where we can.
When you need a seam in your top we can assure you it will be as tight and smooth as we can make it. 
Here is how we accomplish that for you.
It first starts in the shop.  We lay out the slabs to be cut with bookmatching at the seams where we can. This helps to ''line up'' the grain in the stone.
Then we use our ''chipless seams kit'' to prepare the slabs before we even cut them.  (We developed this method and sell the kits to members of the ''Stone Fabricators Alliance''  arround the country.
Here is a picture of a demonstration we did at an SFA workshop in North Carolina recently.

We then use our state of the art ''Gorrilla Grips'' to pull the seams together. 

We fine tune the seams with the cams.
The glue we use is a two part epoxy designed by Integra Adhesives. It bonds extremely well.

Although this seam is better than most seams you will see and feel from other granite shops, we don't stop there.

We polish over the seam!  A very highly skilled technology.
When we are done you may not even be able to ''feel'' the seam in your granite counter top
We then reapply a final coat of solvent based impregnating sealer.
Our sealer was developed by several members of the SFA . It has proven to be the best sealer we have found.
We will teach you how to test and know when it is time to reseal your tops.
We also offer a lifetime sealer for those who don't ever want to reseal their tops and are willing to pay a little extra. 

These are the type of seams you can expect from Custom Counter Tops.

You will truly be amazed after you have seen and felt our seams.

Here is a picture of one of our seams.

Can you find it?

Right here.
Here's another one.
Right here.
Right Here

We hope this has been fun and informative.

Now you know why we say Custom Counter Tops ''Seams Best''.
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